118金宝搏 他在日本和西部之间涂漆。


Sachi Oizumi, who lives in Australia, first studied oil painting and then began to study Japanese painting. Her work is characterized by a combination of Western oil painting and traditional Japanese painting styles. Having lived outside of Japan for a long time, she describes herself as “half Japanese, half foreign. It is this sensitivity to different cultures that allows him to create diverse works. How did you get started in Japanese painting? -I started Japanese painting after I moved to Australia. I found Japanese paintings in an antique store in Melbourne and thought they were beautiful. Even though I am Japanese myself, I found myself looking at Japan objectively when I was not in Japan. So when I lived abroad, I noticed the characteristics of Japanese painting. I think that Japanese painting is not only an expression of painting, but also a living organism. Maybe it’s because they use organic materials, but I think the organic world is one of the most attractive aspects of Japanese painting.萨曼莎夏至,116×116cm涂装材料和技术在油画和日式绘画之间是不同的。你是怎么习惯他们的?- 我做了。我让我的画作的方式变化了很多。在油画中,灵感很重要,我依赖于此。但日本绘画需要很多耐心。准备就是一切,每一步都明确定义。这就像一个棋牌游戏,你必须前进和油漆。我对我的工作以及进程的态度可能发生了变化。必须难以改变您的方法以及您创建的方式。 How did you adapt to it? -Yes, it may have been difficult. But when I moved to Australia, there was a time when I couldn’t paint at all. I probably couldn’t draw at all for about seven or eight years. Australia was rich in nature, so when I couldn’t paint, I would go out and collect insects. Perhaps because of this, I became interested in the organic aspects of Japanese painting. Looking at the larger framework of organic things and the natural environment, the inspirational creations I had been doing up to that point seemed very narcissistic and small.亚洲李子,14×18厘米,让你重新思考你的工作?- 是,我觉得我可以看到一个更广泛的世界。从那里,我开始问自己,“什么是真正的画?我以为那就是我正在比较我20多岁和60年代的作品,当我在20多岁时,我在20多岁时做出的作品,这更好。让我意识到我需要更认真地面对我的画作。你的主题或主题是什么?- 丽莎经常来我家,所以我勾勒出来并用它们用作图案。我认为我的绘画世界是鲜明的。我经常在前景中使用有机物体,以便在背景中看到世界。我经常使用金色,因为它非常令人信服。丛林花园,72×请告诉我们你未来的活动-我对日式绘画还没有太多的经验,所以我想多了解一些。技巧在日本绘画中非常重要,所以我想提高我的技巧。另外,虽然我是日本人,但我已经在国外生活了很长时间,所以我越来越像一个“半日本人”,而不是一个“全日本人”。我喜欢旧的传统绘画,比如丸山的那些,我想把日本文化推广到国外。

Shinzo Okuoka https://www.tricera.net/
Born in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. After studying Indian philosophy at university, she worked at a publishing company as a deputy editor of an art magazine and a shrine magazine, where she was involved in planning and editing magazines and books. 2019 she joined TRiCERA, a start-up company, where she was in charge of developing Japan's first cross-border e-commerce site specializing in contemporary art, managing artists, and launching the company's own on-demand media. He is also in charge of developing Japan's first cross-border e-commerce site specializing in contemporary art, managing artists, and launching the company's own owned media. He is a fast writer, and when he was working for a magazine, he was able to write 150 pages in a month by himself.



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