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On the other hand, if I were to focus on the material appeal of the work, it would be in terms of texture. After more than a hundred years of mass production of clothing due to industrial progress, embroidery and handlooms are becoming more and more popular as a reaction to this trend, and are also attracting attention in art. In this article, I will introduce three artists who apply textiles to art.

Shogo Miyasaka

35 x 35厘米
Sewed Scene
01923.3 x 68 cm
Sewed Scene
01358 x 19 cm

For more information about the artist, click here.

Asumi Asama

new missionary
22 x 27 cm
33 x 33厘米
Marilyn Bonneau
36.5 x 44厘米

For more information about the artist, click here

Liberty Worth

喧闹的鲜花 - 洞察力
53 x 61 cm
Raucous Flowers – Protea Honeygrow
41 x 41 cm
喧闹的花 - 龙舌兰
15 x 15厘米

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Shinzo Okuoka.

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